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Monday, December 26, 2005


The funny thing about Christmas is that it’s full of traditions, yet no two families traditions are the same. This year was different for me and my family, simply because of my nephew.

A usual Christmas would involve my sister arriving at our house in the early hours, where we would wait for her and all open our presents together. Last year was exactly the same as any other apart from she bought baby Ben along in a basket. This year was different. Christmas is for kids after all.

We loaded the car up at half past six and drove to her house, where we all exchanged gifts and had breakfast followed by a game of cluedo. It was the first year that I can ever remember leaving the house on Christmas day.

Still, it was worth it, and I hope to do the same next year. Besides, we kept all the other funny little house hold traditions. Like hiding chocolates on the Christmas tree for each other to find. Fighting over who gets the chocolate in the advent calendar. Buying each other socks and sitting down to watch the wizard of oz as a family.

To me, those are the things that make Christmas, taking time to talk to each other and do things for each other. Spending a whole day in each others company without arguing or shouting. I study religion but I’m not religious so to me it’s a celebration of family which I guess, in a round about kind of way, is what it should be about.
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