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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


How distant we are from the animals that inhabit the same planet as us. I took my sister, mother and nephew to the safari park a few days ago and was witness to the most pathetic display of human animal interaction I think I have ever seen. The only animals that didn’t scare my sister and mother senseless were the pigmy goats, and that was only because they were so insanely fat that they could be outrun in two swift steps.

Emus for example, there really is no need to lock the doors, shut the sun roof, wind up the windows and tremble with fear at the sight of one solitary Emu. They don’t hatch with diamond rimmed beaks that enable them to cut through cars, they just peck, they don’t kill and maim, just peck. As for the camels, oh… my… god, one actually stuck his head in the car window and nearly had it severed off as my sister stuck her foot down and sped off at 160 miles per hour.

The best part though was the free flying bat cave. To see two adults absolutely frozen in fear in case one of them got hit by a tiny flying mammal that sucks on melon all day was just ace. My poor mom had such a headache afterwards.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that we tend to have this distance from anything that’s not human or pet worthy. Did they really think a bat, with its super sonic hearing and immaculate flight patters would just accidentally fly into one of their faces? I doubt the species would have survived till the modern day if they couldn’t manoeuvre around two large lumps in the dark.

The camel on the approach
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Just about to start his attack!
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What he thought of my sister’s hasty escape
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