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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Terrorism bandwagon

I remember when Dubya was first elected, I remember thinking it was awful. Shortly after the two towers fell I remember hearing him tell the world that we were either with him or against him. Well if you have a choice between American democracy, murderous misogynist and a state governed by diktat and sharia, then whose side do you think we’re going to pick?

There is a lot about America that I love. I love its freedoms, its celebration of free speech, its love of betterment. It is still the land of opportunity; I know that, there is still no better place in the world to be young healthy and ambitious. A lot of us Brits affect to be appalled that so few Americans have passports, but I’ve been to the states and I know why they don’t. The states are countries, the sheer scale of the place, it’s variety of climate and landscape is stunning. Is there any nation and ethnic group not represented in the states? Hell Americans don’t have to go out into the world, the world has come to them, and you can understand why.

I still have a lot of issues though; I have a problem with people who voted for the man who claims to be the president. In the anger and pain that followed 9/11 the American government stated down a path of awful mistakes, mistakes that will damage America, damage the UK and eventually all of us in the future.

It’s as if there is a kind of madness built up about terrorism already, a denial that befits nobody, and we ourselves are all guilty of it. Actually no, that’s not right, it will benefit some body, the kind of people who commit these acts will benefit. Americas denial will benefit its enemies and if this can’t be understood then they can’t be understood and they will never be defeated. To believe that England and New York were attacked out of jealousy is not just self deluded and ludicrous it’s self defeating as well. They were not acts of over-developed petulance or because we have more domestic appliances than they do, it’s the foreign policy. It’s that damn simple.

In the end though it doesn’t matter if you or I can’t see it this way, because to them it’s every corrupt, undemocratic regime the US and UK has poured money and arms into since the last worlds war, propping up dictators because they are sitting on a dessert full of oil and helping them crush dissent; it’s the infidel occupying their holy places, and it’s the unending oppression of the Palestinian people by Americas fifty first state. That’s the way they see it. We are wrong to them but we are right to us.


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