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Monday, August 01, 2005

Having abuse thrown at you

I live in a reasonably nice area but over the last couple of years it has deteriorated to the point where I cannot walk home on my own without having abuse thrown at me by chavlings. I guess I’m ranting because I just got more abuse thrown at me whilst coming home from work by a small gang of youths, but add to that the fact that in the past two years I have been a victim of serious crime twice and one of them was pretty violent. I mean what? What the hell goes on in kid’s minds that make it fun for them to beat the living hell out of people for no reason? Some one please explain it to me. Does no one teach people about the value of morals anymore? It’s just really annoyed me because I feel absolutely powerless to stop it. Apparently, this is a nationwide thing that seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Has anyone else noticed a rise in crime in their area or is it just me?
Put it down to people’s lack of personal responsibility, lack of respect for other human beings, whatever, I just wish more was being done to tackle the issue of yob culture in this country. We have bred a nation of people that take the line of ‘it’s not my fault it is society’s’ where the distinction between right and wrong has been lost in sociological rubbish and politically correct nonsense. I swear to god the next time some hooded dimp comes near me again I’m gonna… I’m gonna… run away, far away probably.


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