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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Egypt - Local humour

We were in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Luxor. The heat was intense and we were riding donkeys, yes donkeys. The scenery is simply stunning and the guy who owned the donkeys took great pride in pointing out mango trees, fig trees, banana trees and sugar cane plants. The road was dusty, winding and treacherous underfoot. Alex was in front of me, his big 6 foot 3 frame balanced precariously on the amazingly tough little donkey. On his head he was wearing a red baseball cap adorned with the yellow square and black horse logo of Ferrari. Now out of nowhere comes these two farmers sat on a horse and cart laden with sugar cane (or something that looked like it) they take one look at Alex, stick both their thumbs up and holler at the top of their voices “Hey man! Nice Ferrari!!” It was probably the heat but I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my donkey. We were also treated to shouts of ‘lovely jubbly’ ‘see you later alligator’ and ‘cheap as chips’. Rather oddly the Egyptians love the British.


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