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Monday, June 13, 2005

Egypt - Giza

The first thing my friend Chris asked me when I got home was “So what was more impressive, the pyramids, or Everest?”
Everest hands down. He seemed to think that the pyramids should win because they were man made, but I just don’t feel the same. The pyramids are spectacular, there is no doubt about that, but they are an attraction. Like a panda in china, mythical in mind but in reality, quiet and badly treated. Adorned with ‘no climbing’ signs and guarded by AK57 wielding camel riders, the pyramids look uncared for and abused. Tourists roam freely around the area, browsing for cheesy souvenirs whilst taking photos. They flock to see them from their holiday resorts and leave nothing behind but litter and scars.

The best time to see them is at night, when they are lit up from the base in different colours. I have to confess to paying the 60LE entrance fee to go and see the sound and light show, and it was money well spent. To see the sphinx manipulated with lasers, complete with glowing eyes, was awesome.

This one was taken right from the base of the largest one whilst looking up.


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