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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Asylum seekers

In 2003 the top countries of origin for asylum seekers into the UK were Somalia, Iraq, China, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Iran. If anyone actually believes that people who made such applications were sat at home, in their respective countries, with their feet up watching T.V whilst thinking “Gee lets go there! Look what we can get free!” then they are ignorant of what life is like outside of this country (Which pretty much sums up my dad who thinks the BNP are great)

I have a friend who now lives in England but was originally born in Nepal. I actually remember asking him ages ago just why he wanted to come to this country so badly and his reply was ‘if you can’t afford medicine in this country, they won’t watch you die’ that comment stayed with me.

I’m glad that I was born into this country and given the opportunity to pay into a system that in turn looks after me. I think we already pay for a lot of other people in this country - the sick, disabled, single parents, old folks and lazy beggars but for some reason that’s ok. It’s fine to look after those people regardless of the fact that they don’t put in what they take out because they were born into this and that makes them better and more deserving. Why is it so bad for a little bit of mine and everyone else’s cash to go towards helping someone who just by chance wasn’t born with the same opportunities that you or I were?

To me it’s just money and politics. Human life is human life and it gets on my nerves to hear people calling immigrants and asylum seekers ‘scroungers’. Give people a chance to work and they will, they may need a hand to get there first, but so what?


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