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Friday, September 30, 2005


PETA President Ingrid Newkirk this week fired off a fax to Yasser Arafat. She began the letter with a polite salutation: “Your Excellency. We have received many calls and letters from people shocked at the bombing . . . in which a live donkey, laden with explosives, was intentionally blown up”

WTF? This from a woman who, when asked to choose between swerving to save a child or a dog whilst driving, famously replied "dog".
It's sad that in today's modern western society we can afford such luxuries as the elevation of animal over human. But was such a letter necessary? Must we as educated, well raised holders of moral conscience continuously make ourselves look like asses?

“We watched on television as stray cats in your own compound fled as best they could from Israeli bulldozers”

This was followed up by an article in the New York post that praised the heroic activists that rescued abandoned animals from the Gaza strip and condemned the Jewish settlers who left them there. One activist spoke on the matter;

"What were they thinking. They call themselves religious. Judaism says you have to feed and water your animals before you even sit down to eat,"

Again WTF? Of course Judaism has less provision for when you and your family are dragged out of your homes and forcibly placed on buses and are then forcibly driven away from your homes which are then demolished behind you. You focus on preventing your children from being beaten and your wife from being molested, rather than on pleading with the soldiers to let you go back for your moggy.

I fear the world is becoming a strange and dangerous place


  • At 4:40 am, Blogger Sultan Knish said…

    people like to be self-righteous at the expense of others when they get the chance

    making a big show of going out to the homes of the people whom you supported throwing out and then damning them for being forced to abandon their pets is a striking piece of egotistical cruel hypocrisy


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