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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



What is the EMA? It’s a thing the government give to kids who stay on in higher education.  Basically they give you between £10 -£30 for showing up to high school everyday on time, completing your homework etc. Now the problem I have with this is that when you finish your GCSEs you get given the opportunity to leave school, if you do then you go and get a job, if you don’t you do you’re A levels and get paid by the state for turning up. So you get bigger class sizes, more idiots staying on just because they are getting paid to and more people just generally taking advantage of the system. What a load of pants. Every time I read about things like it gets on my nerves, you should stay on to learn because you want to do just that, learn.

We have a public transport system that is a bag of shit ( I went to Worcestershire on the train yesterday and it cost me £4.10 to travel two stops! It was about 7 minutes! ) and the NHS is slowly falling apart but we can afford to pay kids to stay at school?! This country has got so many problems.


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