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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Russian experience

This time in three weeks I will be waking up to the freezing temperatures of Moscow city. Yes I know I’m stupid. For some reason I’ve always wanted to go on the trans-Siberian, so I am. However, as is the way with any holiday I decided to book, something unexpected happens in the period between when I book, and when I travel.
This time it’s the weather. Last week on the news they were broadcasting pictures of Russia in the deepest freeze it’s suffered for near fifty years, with temperatures in Moscow itself dropping to minus 30C. Not to mention that some areas of Siberia had dropped to past minus 40C. Truth be told I’m a little apprehensive and people have started to accuse me of being mad. Still, it’s something to look forward to!


  • At 9:59 am, Blogger raghu said…

    firstly i am indian n its gud 2 here ur fasinated by indians n india...next i don really belive da thrid kinda people
    r intelligent at all dats is people who dont understand anythin.....thridly i am fascinated by russia n wud luv 2 noe how it feels der... abou da people der ...very few russians blog .....so plzzzzz KEEP BLOGGING!!!n well read mt blog 2!!


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