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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Nepal - Day 3

Briefly toured Kathmandu today. My god, it’s all changed so much. I met Jo in the lobby of the hotel and spent sometime securing our gear before we headed out onto the streets. First noticeable difference, lack of tourists. Usually the whole of Kathmandu is heaving with trekkers at this time of year as it’s the end of the monsoon season and the treks are massively over grown, meaning much fun to be had in cutting your way through neck high tropical plants… right.

Second most notable thing, increase in poverty, HUGE increase in poverty. We crossed Bagmati river via one of the smaller foot bridges and I could smell something rank and I mean really rank. So me being me leant over the wall of the bridge and was greeted by a very up close and personal view of a rotting cow carcass. Heat + Humidity = not good environment for decaying corpses. It was complete with maggots in eye sockets and everything. To think, I probably washed my face in water from that river but two hours ago.


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